Data Analytics

Smart Meters capture consumer data with 15 minutes granularity, which makes each smart meters capturing 96 data sets everyday consisting of various consumption parameters. The amount of data that would be available when millions of smart meters are deployed would be enormous. IntelliSmart is working on big data analytics using AI (Artificial Intelligence) & ML (Machine Learning) based on energy production and consumption data to tap into new sources of revenue that promises long-term returns by offering value added services such as personalised customer alerts (bill projections, neighbourhood and self-comparison), DSM savings (ToU rates, appliance level usage recommendations), efficient use (recommendations on inefficient appliance replacements) etc. AMI is well poised to leverage various digital business models to forge closer ties between energy industry and other sectors such as consumer appliances.

Key benefits of Smart Meter Analytics:
Consumer Benefits DISCOM Benefits AMISP Benefits
Personalized Customer Alerts
  • Bill Projection
  • Neighborhood & Self Comparison
  • Budget Alerts
Grid / Energy Demand Planning
  • Insights into appliance usage patterns in order to predict usage and coordinate DERs.
Deployment Analytics
  • Predict resource requirement
  • Goal seeking analysis
  • Delay prediction analysis
Efficient Use
  • Recommend upgradations of inefficient appliances
Shape Load Profiles
  • Reduce cost of Power by peak load management
Cyber Security Analytics
  • Intrusion prevention & detection
  • Eliminate vulnerabilities
DSM Savings
  • Introduce TOU (Time of Use) Rate Regulations
Revenue Leakage Analytics
  • Predict payment default