The inaugural Innovation Challenge by IntelliSmart Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. invites ideas to solve three relevant challenges that can help improve the power distribution sector in the country. The challenges that revolve around Smart Metering and Smart Home Communications align with areas in which innovation is needed to strengthen the technologies and the viability of a Smart Meter roll out.


IntelliSmart is committed to increasing the adoption of smart meters, the affordability of smart meters and the value created by smart meters for both grid operators and consumers. The objective of the challenge is to – Improve the efficacy, value addition or availability of smart meters for individuals and grid operators.

Winning entries must be technically viable and should make commercial sense as well. The idea/s identified through the innovation Challenge may result in meaningful partnerships between the winning entities and IntelliSmart.


Challenge 1: Develop an economically viable communication module that can concurrently support multiple communication technologies/channels e.g. Nb-IOT, 4G, 3G, 2G within same meter which can automatically detect any of these available communication options to achieve 100% data availability of Smart Meters.

Challenge 2: Develop a Smart Home Communication and Control Hub ( SHCH)

Challenge 3: Design ‘Integrated Compact Group Smart Meter’ consisting of group of multi Meters circuits, with individual displays that can be integrated into Power Circuit Board and having common NIC module.


Along with a cash prize to the winners and Runner-ups, IntelliSmart will provide relevant opportunities to the winners and Runner-ups as below:

For Students For Start-ups For Established Organisations
  • Internship opportunities
  • Job opportunities
  • Market opportunity
  • Opportunity to work with IntelliSmart in new Projects
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Market Order

The list of finalists for INSTINCT innovation challenge is mentioned below:


All the teams are requested to log in to their personal dashboard for more details.