Digitalisation of India’s power sector with smart meter infrastructure critical

  • Posted On: April 16, 2022

‘Digitalisation of power sector with AMI and Smart Meters is critical and beneficial for the entire energy value chain starting from generation companies to end consumers.’

India’s power distribution forms the weakest link in the power value chain. Yet, the success of the ongoing energy transition efforts would depend a lot on enabling the sector to undergo financial and operational efficiency improvement. While technology has been the key driver of transformation across the power sector, the distribution sector has not seen much change when it comes to using technology as a transformational tool. With the policy and regulatory framework for making systemic efficiency improvements in the sector being put in place and financial commitments being demonstrated by the central government, there is an all-around realisation now in the sector that without modernisation of the power distribution system, the national vision to ensure power for all round the clock and the systemic drive for rapid socio-economic development of the country cannot be achieved. 

Smart Meter National Program (SMNP), being positioned and promoted through the Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS,) is the key program to mobilize resources, technology and processes, and the flagship endeavour of the administration to drive transformation in the sector and bring in digitalization and technology as enabling tools in this mission program. 

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