IntelliSmart aims to create difference by Digital Interventions in Power Distribution Sector

  • Posted On: May 30, 2022
IntelliSmart Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, also known as IntelliSmart, is India’s leading smart metering and digital solutions provider company for utilities. It is a joint venture of Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) and National Infrastructure Investment Fund (NIIF), with the core purpose of being the most preferred digital partner of the utilities.

IntelliSmart aims to create difference by digital interventions in the power distribution sector of the country, while shouldering the responsibility of mass-scale rollout of smart meters under the Smart Meter National Program (SMNP). Since its inception in 2019, IntelliSmart is enabling the large-scale deployment of smart meters through the BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer) model. The BOOT program is precursor to the current DBFOOT (Design, Build, Finance, Own, Operate and Transfer) or the TOTEX model of Smart Meter Deployment, currently underway.

Here, Anil Rawal, MD and CEO, IntelliSmart Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, tells us more. Excerpts from an interview:

DQ: Even though IntelliSmart has ventured into several states, the number has not been high. Why has India been slow with smart meter adoption?

Anil Rawal: It is true that the deployment of smart meters was slow to start with. In the initial rollout phases, several factors such as distribution companies’ (discoms) inertia and lack of awareness possibly contributed to this. The pandemic also thwarted the pace of installation. However, rollout has since gained momentum owing to several initiatives by both the central and state governments.

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IntelliSmart aims to create difference by digital interventions in power distribution sector: Anil Rawal (dqindia.com)