IntelliSmart: All Charged Up

  • Posted On: June 15, 2022

Belonging to an impressive pedigree may not always come with advantages galore. In some cases, it may well bring specific and complex challenges. The higher pedigree entity, individual or corporate, may well have to face the pressure of great expectations from an early stage. 

Gurgaon headquartered IntelliSmart Infrastructure is probably in this position today. A joint-venture entity between Energy Efficiency Services Limited (supported by the Ministry of Power) and National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (India’s first sovereign wealth fund with a corpus of $3 billion), IntelliSmart is a barely four-year-old company formed to play a pivotal role in the smart metering drive in the country. It is no secret that the government is relying on the key strategic solution of digitalising the entire transmission network management to reduce discom losses.

It has promoted the installation of smart grids and smart meters across the country and is presently targeting the installation of 250 million smart meters by 2025 against the small, current base of around four million. And this is an exercise which is expected to be put in top gear from this fiscal.  “For every stakeholder in the smart metering business, this is going to be ‘the fiscal’ as a large number of projects will be bid out,” emphasises Anil Rawal (50), MD and CEO of IntelliSmart Infrastructure who has been steering this new ship since 2020.

No doubt, numerically or volume-wise, there are clear signs of a major build-up in the smart metering segment and the union government has committed to provide all kinds of support to the programme. However, any serious player in the fray will have to grapple with some of the structural challenges which still loom large. This also includes convincing both discoms and consumers that the use of smart meters will ultimately be beneficial for them. 

Positioning a specialist

IntelliSmart came into being in late 2019 following the realisation of EESL that it needs the support of a specialised entity from within its fold to respond to the humungous smart metering challenge. Saddled with too many other projects, it was considered a pragmatic move to create dedicated player in the early hours of the day. And in this initiative, EESL was supported by NIIF which came on board as a joint venture partner and has the mandate to infuse funds in large scale infrastructure projects.

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