Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS) – The stepping stone to the energy transition

  • Posted On: November 23, 2021

By Anil Rawal, MD & CEO, IntelliSmart Infrastructure

The role of power sector in building nations and wellbeing of society can’t be overstated. Since famous Benjamin Franklin kite experiment of 1752, which first charged electricity in the minds of human beings, there has been long journey of evolution of electricity, including anecdotal differences between Thomas Edison and Tesla, leading to fast forwarding the application of electricity in our lives. Power sector has seen huge momentum in India since advent of Electricity Amendment Act of 2003, with now power availability as such in abundance and being transmitted seamlessly through long conduits. Still the conundrum of surplus power in India co-existing with frequent load shedding of long hours in hinterland remains to be unresolved. The renewed wave of energy transition is trying to address this conundrum by empowering, strengthening and digitalizing the ailing distribution sector The pursuit has got a major fillip through the RDSS program where government of India has made a large policy, regulatory and financial commitment to drive the sector out of woods for all time to come and put the sector on path of sustained improvement trajectory.

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